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Soy Food Division

Cocci Lab is a manufacturing company who has inimitable soy food brand, SOY-YA! - soy cereal, soy pasta, soy meat, soy chips, and so on. They're all made from 100% soybean. No preservatives and no additive. No corn and no wheats. Through 10 years of development, we realized inventing technology of 'spiral-spindle process' which enables to make innovative quality and taste. As a result, our soy products are no like others. Our soy pasta is as if it's Italian pasta, soy meat is just like beef, and soy cereal is so easy to switch from corn flakes or oatmeal.
Yoshinori Ichikawa, CEO & Founder of Cocci Lab, has been a board member of NDC for over 10 years which is R&D company for our products. In 2015, Cocci Lab expects to join the market of the U.S, Canada and European countries, in addition to the home country of Japan.

Corporate Profile

Company NameCocci Lab Inc.
FoundationNov. 2013
Address14-9 Tanabe Nishi Gaito, Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan 610-0331
TEL(81) 70 4079 8362
FAX(81) 774 66 4962
Business Lineup1. Development and Import/Export of Enviornmental Friendly and Healthy Goods
2. Development & Operations of Web Business
3. Producing Musics, Videos, and Books
4. IT & Management Consultation
5. Any Business Relevant to Above
CEO & FounderYoshinori Ichikawa
Capital3,000,000 JPY

Cocci Lab Inc.
The office of Cocci Lab Inc. is 30 min drive/train from central Kyoto Station and 90 min drive from Kansai International Airport (KIX).