Product Lineups of NDC

soybean pasta straight

Innovative Soy Foods!

We've invented pastas and meats 100% made from soy! With our inimatable technology, they have tastes you've never experienced before. For pastas, we have straight, curbed, and noodle. And for meats, shapes are small and medium sized mince, ball, chicken wing, fillet, nuts, and sliced!
Keeping nature of soy, they are extremely nutritionally rich, such as proteins and fibers. They're easy to cook and just right for any cooking.
Our products have gained huge interests from a lot of retailers, distributors, and food suppliers in Japan. We're engaging with more business partners, and new consumer products using our soy pastas and soy meats will be released this year. By 2016, we're looking forward to export our products to Asia, North Americas, and Europe.

soybean meat mincesoybean meat wingsoybean meat slicedsoybean meat nuts

natural wild silk

Natural Wild Silk Products

Our silk products uses wild silks have porous structure. It provides significant antibacterial performance, antioxidative potency, reflection and absorption against UV lay.

natural wild silk powder

may flower

May Flower Products

Chinese May Flower is a fruits looks like an apple, people have eaten in China from 2,000 years ago. It has very rich ingredients, excellent for beauty and healthy life.

may flower bottled joicemay flower jelly
may flower condensed juicemay flower condensed extract butter

(top: bottled juice, jellly)
(bottom: condensed juice, condensed extract butter)

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