Company NameNDC Ltd.
FoundationMay 25, 2000
Address1491-13 Unuma Igiyama, Kagamihara, Gifu, Japan
Postal Code509-0111
TEL(81) 58 384 4009
FAX(81) 58 384 1333
Website (Japanese)
Website (English)
Business Lineup1. Manufacturing Processed Deli Food, Boiled Food in Soy Sauce
2. Manufacturing & Sellout Soybean Noodle, Soybean Ham and Sourcages
3. Manufacturing & Sellout May Flower Juices and Jams
4. Manufacturing Housed & Natural Wild Silks and Silk Powder
5. Manufacturing & Sellout Cosmetics & Quasi-Drugs
6. Manufacturing & Sellout Improved Braille for Blind Typing
7. Manufacturing Amino-Acid Metals, Water Repellent, Mold Release, Antibacterial Agent, AntifungalAgent, and Deodorant
8. Manufacturing Liquid and Powder of Microbe and Enzyme Tablet
9. Importing & Exporting of Above Products
10. Any Business Relevant to Above
Board MembersCEO & President: Kenji Ichikawa
Director: Sumiko Ichikawa
Director: Yoshinori Ichikawa
Director: Fumio Ichikawa
Director: Natsumi Ota
External Auditor: Tetsuya Tamakoshi
Capital20,000,000 JPY
Business PartnersKirin Distillery, .Itochu Shokuhin Co. Ltd., Ajinomoto Healthy Supply, Marubeni Foods, and more

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